Laundry rooms have always been neglected in a house. When you plan a renovation, you always think about kitchen, bathrooms and living areas first then the laundry room, if it exists. What is the importance of a laundry room in a house, most people might ask?

Casa Development designs your laundry from top to bottom to reflect it as part of the house. Custom designed cabinetry will ensure your unique laundry is in place. A laundry room with one window is most common that lets enough light in to make it bright.

We continues to familiarise ourselves with the latest innovations and technology so we can incorporate lots of storage, hidden or open bench space and select features such as iron stations and drying racks. Other factors worth giving a thought include number of storage cabinets, drawers, laundry baskets, fixed washing machine spaces or a separate bench top and trough to be added.

Maybe your laundry could be converted into a European style enclosed into your kitchen or a hallway cupboard, freeing up your existing laundry to be converted into a more suitable space.

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