Following are our offerings for bathroom and kitchen renovations in Melbourne:


Marble, Granite, Limestone, Onyx, Travertine, Timbers (Blackbutt, Jarrah, River Reds, Merbau, Stringybark etc.)& more


Wallpapers, Paint, Wall Cladding, Complete Tiling& more

Bathroom Vanity & Kitchen Bench tops

Quartz, Marble, Onyx, Limestone, Granite, Caesar stone, Duropal, Egger, Motivi Glass, Bluestone, Reconstituted Stone, Hardwood & Softwood Timbers & more

Cabinet Handles And Knobs

Chrome plated, Iron Plated, Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Stainless Steel (Satin Chrome Knob, Oak Knob, Beech Knob, Mini Knob, Brass Knob, White Knob, Vanilla Knob, Mega Bar, Mini Bar, Large Flare, Over Hang, Bar Handle, Square Bar, Slim, Platupus, Chunky, Trend, Flare Bow, Black Bow)

Glass Installations

Splashback Screens, Cabinet Doors, Shelves & more Sinks Round, Square, Oval, Rectangle & more

Bench top Frames

Wooden Two-Sided (Framed), All Wooden (Hardwood), Stainless Steel & more


Multi-function Oven, Gas Stainless Steel Cook Tops, Ceramic Glass Cook Tops from brands such as FAGOR, IAC, ARC, Elica, Cutlery Holders & more.

Kitchen and Bathroom Waste Bins
Drawer System in Cabinets and Hinges


We have been in Balwyn, Coburg, Templestowe, Richmond and greater Melbourne for years, changing lifestyles one room at a time. Our excellent customer service will make you feel content and satisfied and will prepare you for the amazing kitchen renovation solutions we have to offer. Each project we take over is carefully planned and incorporated with designs of your choice to give you the final outlook you need for your kitchen or bathroom. When we execute our service in your home, we make sure that everything is safe to use once we have left.

At Casa Developments in Melbourne, kitchen renovations are our forte and we aim to improve continuously, never compromising on quality with any renovation we do.

Kitchen Renovations

When designing a new kitchen as part of a home renovation, it is important to align the style of the room with other areas of your home. There are many different types of kitchens to choose from that will suit all your different needs for the design of your home.

Functionality and a good design are the key factors when it comes to creating your modern kitchen. A space and place for everything is important in this busy age, meaning that better storage systems creates a more organised kitchen that you will spend less time tidying and cleaning.

What is it that makes kitchen renovations for Melbournians so important? We believe that the main reason is to live in comfort and enjoy your space. Enjoying a personal space makes you creative and passionate in other areas of your life, not just at home. Casa Developments in Melbourne, Australia brings home owners ideas and creativity with its range of products and services for kitchen and bathroom renovations. These services are available all across Melbourne, Doncaster, Templestowe, Lower Plenty, Balwyn, Kew, Eltham, Richmond, Box Hill and all surrounding areas.


Services for Melbourne, Made Easy


What makes kitchens renovations in Melbourne so stressful? Sure, it might disrupt your schedule but the main cause of stress is the investment in renovations. There are several material choices to go through, each of which have a different quality, strength and durability. However, every choice comes with a price. So making a choice that fits your budget but fulfils your aim of designing your dream kitchen and bathroom is often a common cause of strain.

Whether you opt for kitchen or bathroom renovations or both, making it suit and add value to your house is the real reason why most renovations are carried out. Some prefer living a modern lifestyle, whereas others prefer a traditional one. You can renovate your bathrooms and kitchen to complement that lifestyle. Other styles include European, Italian, old rustic, farmhouse, beach, classic and more.